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Milk Sales Decline


According to an article in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, U.S. milk sales reached their lowest level in nearly thirty years. It is good to see that the plant-based movement has had an effect on the dairy industry. Click here to check out the article.

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Three Classics, One Cookbook

Thought from the "World Peace Diet", Page 293 - "Refraining from eating and using animals is the natural result of seeing that is no longer chained within the dark and rigid dungeon of narrow self-interest. From the outside, it may look like and be called "veganism", but it is simply awareness and the expression of our sense of interconnectedness. It manifests naturally as inclusiveness and caring. It's no big deal because it's the normal functioning of our original nature, which unfailingly sees beings rather than things when it looks at our neighbors on this earth".

What's New

Funds Granted


On July 12, 2012, Totally Vegetarian granted $1,900 to All Art Media, Inc., producers of high definition video and multi-media vegan programming for public television, internet podcasts, and iPhone apps. These include the award winning vegetarian cooking series, Delicious TV, the VegEZ iPhone app, and the new Vegan Mashup cooking series. To date, Totally Vegetarian has granted $5,700 to All Art Media, Inc.

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To get up to date vegetarian news, recipes, and nutritional info, click here. By doing so you will be sure to receive the latest news and updates on our progress in achieving our mission to fund vegan projects.



What is the most significant action you can take to help reduce global warming — GO VEGAN. This quarter sheet handout documents the fact that by changing to a vegetarian diet you can reduce your personal contribution to global warming by 25% and if you switch to a vegan diet you can reduce your personal contribution almost in half. The choice is yours - you do not have to convince anyone else. Download a PDF copy of this handout and share it with your friends.

Donations: 29 states total


We have added three new states, Hawaii, Maryland, and New Mexico to our national donation map. We also fixed a bug that would only let you donate from the original 12 states on our national map. Instead of listing the 29 current states here, you can view those states on our national map on our donation page. Just click on the new Donate button above.

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Help Us Win $250,000

Vote for Totally Vegetarian by Sept. 19th


Chase bank is running a contest where they are giving away 5 milllion dollars to the 196 non profit organizations who receive the most votes from their members, the general public, and Chase bank customers. The top grant is $250,000 and the smallest grant is $10,000. If you take a few minutes to vote for us you can help us achieve our mission by winning for us one of these grants. If you are a customer of Chase you will get extra appreciation votes. You get two votes on Facebook and two votes at the Chase site. Only one of the two votes at each site can be used for Totally Vegetarian. The other vote can be cast for another non profit. We are suggesting that you vote for the Vegetarian Resource Group. You can earn extra votes on the Facebook site by using the Facebook Like, Facebook Send or the Twitter Tweet mechanisms. All of your extra votes can be applied to Totally Vegetarian.


Join the Team

Be a part of a global shift when you volunteer with Totally Vegetarian. Opportunities include board board member, pro-bono advisor, public relations, nonprofit corporate and tax law, accounting, finance, grant writing, or newsletter editing, I would love to hear from you. Please call me toll free at 888-344-4387 (TV-VEGGIE-US) and leave me a short message and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. You can also email me by using our contact page on this site.

Most of our meetings are held over the internet and we also maintain virtual office space on the internet. So you can live in any part of the world and still be a significant contributor to our organization.

Peter Carson, President

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